Standard dental care in the form of regular dental check ups with possible digital and intraoral imaging. Preventive care, tooth fillings, treatments of problematic tooth pulp, root fillings and wide range of other treatments with emphasis laid on prevention of serious problems, resulting in more extensive usage of our dental surgery services.


It is crucial to devote care to our youngest patients since the moment of first teeth cutting. Creating of positive relationship between your child and toothbrush can save enormous troubles later on. Do your child a favour and give him or her healthy teeth and correct habits of dental hygiene since the youngest age possible.


Our dental surgery uses up-to-date and effective technology in the field of tooth whitening – whitening by light. Forget prejudice aboutthis treatment and delete words like „etching“ and „risks“ from your mind. Our specialists will be glad to explain all important facts and afterwards make your teeth whiter is a subtle way. Absolute satisfaction guaranteed.


We establish index of teeth cleanliness, remove plague and tartar. We will practice the basics of home dental care with you and provide the adequate tools useful for the proper teeth cleaning. Use services of our specialists and accept advice from the best professionals in the dental field.


Products of top-notch quality are processed in our modern laboratory including subsequent quality testing and selection of the most adequate product colouring.Facets, jacket crowns, bridgeworks, prosthetic devices – we prepare wide range of replacements using modern materials including computer processed full-ceramic zirconium-oxide products, made to measure, specifically for your oral cavity.  


The task of dental surgery is extraction of teeth or wisdom teeth, removal of root apex (so-called resection), adjustment of tooth bed before manufacturing of prosthetic device and similar treatments. These treatments are carried out painlessly in local anesthesia or in analgosedation. We also perform wide range of dental treatments using surgical microscope, which enables us to guarantee maximal carefulness and the shortest healing time possible.


Implants, top-notch prosthetic solution - facets, jacket crowns, bridgework, prosthetic device and wide range of modern materials including computer processed full-ceramic zirconium-oxide products. We produce everything in our own dental laboratory, which will perform testing and optimal colour selection.  


Do you have urgent tooth problems? Our dental emergency offers you immediate care. AV dental emergency is available for all public. We take care of patients who are not registered at our dental surgery as well.


We will treat your tooth problems without pain and unpleasant feelings.

Get rid of your dental surgery fear for ever!

  • Our goal is to prevent fear and other unpleasant feelings, which are typically related to visiting of dentist.
  • We plan each treatment in a way, giving us enough time for each specific treatment – so there is always option to carry out the treatment in painless way in local anesthesia.
  • If you wish, we can carry out the treatments in analgosedation or general anesthesia. Consult the possible process with your doctor!

We provide our clients with top-class service and quality guarantee.

Experienced team of dentists will make sure that you receive the highest level of comfort and will leave our dental surgery fully satisfied!

  • AV dental surgery offers top-notch service using up-to-date technologies. Treatments are carried out by experienced specialists.We offer above-standard and long-term guarantee – check out guarantee conditions.  
  • Expect pleasant environment, comfort and careful approach. We are here for you.