• Painless treatment
  • Professional and empathicdental
    surgeon MUDr. Aleš Váňa
  • Chance to be relaxed even for the most
    exacting patients
  • Helps to mitigate fear from check up

At AV dental surgery treatments are carried out in anesthesia, analgosedation or general anesthesia to prevent fear. We can guarantee painless treatment without any unpleasant feelings.   

AV dental surgery treats you without pain.

More about anesthesia types available : 

Local anesthesis

Local anesthesis means desensitization of the treated part by application of used substance. This will provide the patient with painless treatment. For patient´s higher comfort it is possible to use anaesthetic.


The fearful patient, or patient with more complicated treatment, can besupported by anaesthetics. Client is conscious, but is asleep and doesn´t remember the process of operation.

The full anaesthesis

The full anaesthesis is pharmalogically created state, when the patient is unconscious. In dentistry is mainly used for trematment of children.

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