Dental hygiene

  • Proper dental hygiene is essentia for healthy teeth
  • Regular dental hygiene is prevention against periodontisis 
  • Preventive check up at least twice a year
  • Experienced dental hygienist:
  • Jaroslava Skuhrovcová at your disposal

Regular check ups at your dentist at least twice a year may significantly reduce the risk of tooth decay and other oral cavity illnesses!

Only regular check ups at dental hygiene clinic can reveal negative changes, which you are not able to recognize yourself. An early detection of  these problems enables treatment in the initial stage and avoid more serious complications later on.

Be wise and think economically! The proper tooth care enables usage of more aesthetical fillings and prolongs the lifespan of prosthetic works or tooth whitening results. An early problem detection may also avoid later expenses for tooth implants or prosthetic treatments.

Dental hygiene is essential for the proper tooth care.

Remember that shiny white smile represents you.


Use services of our experienced dental hygienist Jaroslava Skuhrovcová. The following procedures will take place during short and pleasant meeting:

  • discussing the proper tooth cleaning methods
  • tartar removal
  • discussing prevention and proper approach to dental hygiene

The condition of gum significantly indicates the level of dental hygiene. After the initial check up, gum condition is regularly inspected. If the gum is reddish or bleeding,there is a risk of inflammation. The gum inflammation precedes defect of pendant apparatus and may develop into periodontitis, which can lead to tooth loss and other serious complications.


Do not underestimate dental hygiene and make an appointment in our dental surgery.


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