Dental implants

  • Painless treatments using up-to-date
  • Experienced team of dentists managed
    by implantologist MUDr. Aleš Váňa
  • Option of local or general anesthesia
  • Long term tooth implant guarantee
  • After treatment care

Do you wish to get complex solution for your smile? It is not important if the reason of treatment is aesthetical or some kind of injury, what matters is that our experienced team of dentists is prepared to come up with solution tailored specifically for you! 

Tooth implants offer elegant and subtle solution in case of losing one or more teeth.

Make an appointment and visit us for entry check up including both jaws X-ray (OPG). Experienced implantologist MUDr. Aleš Váňa will individually explain the possible therapy and  preliminary financial plan. High quality swiss implants Straumann enable 98,8 % success of the treatment.

Tooth implant therapy (implantology) means the least invasive therapy. In case of one tooth loss, it is in vast majority of cases not necessary to make any interventions on hard tissues of teeth, surrounding the defective one.

AV dental surgery offers the highest quality tooth implants in the world. As a result we can provide you with long term tooth implants guarantee. This investment will last till the end of your life, so make sure to get the highest quality solution possible!


Success rate of tooth implants

The fears of patients that the implant won´t be accepted by their body are mostlypointless. The success rate of implant procedure is as high as 98,8%.

Zubní implantát   Zubní implantát

Dental hygiene of implant users must be precise though(as in case of original teeth).Otherwise the diminishing of bone mass, which fixes the implant, will occur. We strongly advise our patients not to smoke. If you follow these rules, tooth implants have in fact unlimited lifetime.

implementation process

Are you interested in the way of its implementation? We have prepared summary in several clear steps for you:

  • Inserting of titanium roller with thread to prepared place in the bone.
  • Fitting of jacket crown or bridgework
  • After 2-3 months of healing time, minor treatment makes implant accessible
  • 1-2 weeks later, we place implant on the jacket crown or bridgework.
  • We install prosthetical pillar to the tooth implants and afterwards, it is possible to fix jacket crown.
  • After 3 - 4 months the definitive form of bridgework is manufactured


Thanks to wide range of anesthesia options, according to patient´s wishes, implementation proces is painless!

What prevents implementation of tooth implant?

  • Serious form of diabetes
  • Patient is a heavy smoker
  • Significantly reduced immunity


The final price of tooth implants depends on many factors and it is necessary to take other related treatments and work into consideration (e.g. jacket crown or  bridgework manufacturing etc.)

As a result, particular tooth implants price can be estimated after consulting your dentist only.


Is something unclear? Don´t hesitate to contact us or use our free internet advisory center. Ask anything! 

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