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Parodontology is focused on prevention of paradontidity.

Parodontidity and its causes

The majority of population thinks that parodontidity is caused by heredity. But it isn´t this way. The vast majority of illnesses occurs because of wrong oral hygiene. One of the possible signs is bloody teeth ridge. These signs depend on the stadium of illness.

Prevention of parodontitidy

It is simple. For prevention of parodontitidy has the main importance the proper oral hygiene, responsible fro its training is our dental hygienist who is visited by the customer at least twice a year.

The treatment of parodontitidy

The treatment is conservative or surgery. The conservative way means mainly hygiene training and removal of tooth decay. Tooth decay is mineralized tooth coat. It can be located above as well as under the edge of the teeth ridge, in paradental cavities. Tooth decay is removable only in case of using special tools and ultrasound, not by using the toothbrush.

This therapy is used mainly when the conservative treatment doesn´t have the right effect. Surgical therapy enables for example to remove the tooth decay from parts that are not reachable by conservative treatment.

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