Pediatric dentistry

  • Sensitive approach to the youngest patients
  • Subtle and precise treatment of your child
  • Treatments under general anesthesia available
  • Emphasis laid on positive feelings of your child
  • Reward for perfect patients

The experience obtained from the first dental check up can follow your child for the rest of his or her life.

Do not underestimate choice of dental surgery for your child, rather get  experienced professionals involved.

Our experienced dentists will take care of your child without pain and unpleasant feelings.


Give your child healthy teeth and a shiny smile.

Your child should undergo first dental check up at the age of 1 year!But prevention of tooth decay arises even before the baby is born by health education of parents.

Proper  teeth cleaning

Did you know that it´s you from whom the baby takes over the main part of hygiene habits? Devote attention to this fact and come to our dental surgery for consultation.

Apart from detailed check ups, education is the main mission of pediatric dentistry.

Your child will obtain: 

  • proper method of teeth cleaning
  • experience that toothbrush is not an enemy
  • sensitive education about impacts of poor dental hygiene
  • reward for perfect patients

Dental hygiene must not be neglected even in case of the youngest children. Regular check ups help to prevent fear from dentist and enable the early diagnostics of problems.


Do not underestimate care of your child´s teeth! Spoiled or badly treated milk teeth lead to increased damage of permanent teeth.

It is possible to clean freshly cut front teeth with gauze or piece of cotton wool. In case of jaw-teeth, toothbrush and adequate toothpaste are crucial.

We will be pleased to explain you this and much more in our free internet advisory center, or at consultation in our dental surgery. Do not hesitate and order your child for entry check up.

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