Teeth whitening

  • Painless treatment
  • Tooth whitening by light therapy
  • Responsible approach
  • Follow-up care

Shiny white teeth are not only for TV adverts and movie stars. Thanks to our dental surgery, you can have shiny smile as well!

Tooth whitening process performed by dentist in accordance with strict rules, is not in any way harmful.You don´t have to worry about health and endurance of your teeth. Our experienced team of dentists can make your smile shiny by using light therapy, instead of laser.

Tooth whitening is painless treatment

Thanks to usage of modern technology – tooth whitening by light, we are able to reach the best results possible.The treatment is painless and in case of respecting the basic rules of dental hygiene, long term effect is guaranteed. During tooth whitening process and after it, increased tooth sensitivity may occur. Local anesthesia is recommended for this treatment. Later on, increased tooth sensitivity can be reduced by anesthetic gel.

Tooth whitening treatment

Prior to tooth whitening process, it is necessary to undergo precise dental check up. The whitening substance is effective merely on the tooth tissue, but does not influence colour of prosthetic work or fillings.

It is necessary to establish exact process of whitening, which contains the following steps: 

  • Treatment of present tooth decay
  • Removal of external pigmentation caused by coffee and tea
  • Precise dental hygiene
  • Teaching patient the proper methods of tooth cleaning


Tooth whitening before and after treatment

In vast majority of cases, tooth whitening brings really good results. The pace of tooth whitening process is dependent on primary causes of undesirable tooth colouring.For less complicated cases, one treatment is sufficient. More complicated cases may require more treatments. We will inform you about the amount of treatments required, after consultation with our specialist.

White diet

After the treatment, tooth surface is „opened“ and more prone to colour pigments. Therefore it is necessary to follow the rules of „white diet“ within 24 hours after the treatment. Patient should not eat anything what could cause colour changes to the white tooth surface. On white diet, you can consume for example the following food:

  • fat-free chicken meat, white fish, white yoghurt
  • rice, white pasta, peeled boiled potatoes
  • water, centrifuged milk
  • pure alcoholic beverages (white wine)

Two or three weeks after the whitening process, it is crucial to avoid anything with negative effect on your tooth pigment. For example :

  • black tea and coffee, coke, coloured beverages
  • red wine, beer, alcoholic coloured beverages
  • coloured food, bread, fruit, sauces
  • beetroot, tomatoes, carrot etc.
  • smoking

As was mentioned above, whitening substance has effect on tooth tissue only. If the jacket crowns have unsuitable colour after the whitening process, it will be necessary to redo them. White composite fillings can be manufactured as long as 2 – 3 weeks after the whitening process, otherwise it is  impossible to guarantee perfect connection of tooth and filling.

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