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Prosthetic dentistry focuses on replacing of lost tooth tissues as well as complete teeth, using laboratory products, which are fixed (jacket crowns, bridgeworks) or removable (partial or complete prosthesis).

Tooth implants are elegant solution in case of losing one or more teeth. Replacement teeth are not recognizable from your own teeth at all. 


All our treatments are painless and without unpleasant feelings thanks to our professional dentists, up-to-date technology and wide range of anesthesia options.

Are you unsure ? You can consult your worries and any kind of questions with our dentists during the initial meeting. Sensitive and subtle approach is for our dental surgery absolutely standard. You can also use our free internet dental advisory center and get answers to your questions.

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The most common forms of dental replacements:

Protetical Dentistry

Protetical dentistry is focused on replacement of lost tooth wovens or whole teeth using a laboratory made crowns, bridges, or removable sets. The most important is the fix protetics, especially prothetics focused on implants, ceramic crowns and facets.

Metal–ceramic crowns

 Metal–ceramic crowns are crowns with metal core, which can´t be seen.

Ceramic crown ceramic reconstruction of lost teeth
Ceramic crown --- ceramic reconstruction of lost teeth

The fully ceramic crown

Highly esthetical work, which corrects unsatisfactory colour and shape of the tooth.

esthetical fully-ceramic crown   esthetical fully-ceramic crown

Esthetical fully-ceramic crown

Ceramic facet

Thin wafer from ceramics, not recognizable from healthy tooth. Together with ceramic crowns completely solves the esthetics of front part of dentition.

The bridge

The prothetic work which after fixation on edged pillars bridges the defect after the loss of one or more teeth.

extensive bridge in the whole jaw on implants 
Extensive bridge in the whole jaw on implants

Partly or completely removable denture

You can find bridgework prices in our pricelist.

Dental replacements - partialor complete removable prosthesis

Resin (temporary or definitive) replacement of more or all teeth.

You can find price of dental prosthesis in our pricelist.


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